Underwater Engineering Laboratory

Underwater Engineering Research Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University is a well-known research and development center focuses on underwater engineering, submersible research and design. The group serves for teaching and scientific research in the school, has developed a series of underwater trenchers and deep sea remotely operated vehicles. The laboratory has built a full range of specialties laboratories, including system design, structure design, hydraulic engineering, electrical and control engineering.
The Underwater Engineering Laboratory has advanced facilities. There is a underwater engineering test tank which can be used for submersible underwater position control and propeller experiment. The tank is 12m×8m×10m in dimension, The tank bottom is adjustable which is very convenient for underwater vehicle testing. There are series of deep-sea high pressure environment simulators, which makes the laboratory be qualified for full ocean depth experiments. The simulators are controlled automatically and equips with cameras and lights. The water pressure, videos are real time recorded. A variety of external interfaces are available for different kinds of experiments, such as electrical power and signal supply, hydraulic power source . The maximum pressure range for the simulators are for 20MPa, 40MPa, 110MPa, 150MPa, 180MPa.The maximum diameter is 1.2 meters which can test a part of or the whole body of underwater vehicles.The deep-sea heave compensation simulator in the laboratory can simulate the ship stern heaving and measure the load condition of tether cable between ROV and TMS; the ROV experimental platform system includes SJT10, PHANTUM HD2+2, MM-01, underwater self-reconfigurable robot, etc., providing supports to experiment and performance research for underwater vehicles.

Laboratory director: Tong Ge  Tel: +86-21-34208043  Email: underwater@sjtu.edu.cn