Ocean Engineering Water Tank

The Ocean Engineering Water Tank can simulate various ocean environment conditions such as wind, wave and current, which is a water tank with comparatively complete technical functions in China. Its main dimensions are 50m×30m×6m and its main test facilities, instruments and equipment are as follows: 

Wave generation system: it is equipped with a dual propulsion plate, high power hydraulic wave generator manufactured by German Kempf & Remmers capable of generating regular or irregular long peak waves with a maximum wave height of 0.5m. 


Wave absorbing system: a wave absorbing beach is provided on the opposite shore of the wave generator for absorbing wave energy to prevent reflection wave.

Current generating system: the test tank is equipped with a high pressure water-spraying current generating system that can generate uniform currents in the tank with a maximum fluid velocity of 0.2m/s. The angle concluded between flow direction and wave direction can vary between 0-90°. In addition, a local current generating system is also equipped for high velocity water current testing. 

Wind generating system: the mobile axial flow fan wind generating system can generate constant wind or wind spectrum (non-constant wind) at any direction in the tank with a maximum wind velocity of 10m/s.

Water depth adjusting system: the large area (28m×26m) liftable false bottom makes the water depth adjustable between 0~5m.

Vehicle towing system: a XY direction towing vehicle crossing the whole water tank has a maximum speed of 1.5m/s.

Non-contact six degrees of freedom motion meters: the laboratory has several non-contact optical measuring systems for six degrees of freedom motion, which are capable of accurately measuring the six degrees of freedom motion of ships and ocean engineering structures under the action of wind, waves and currents. 

Doppler flow velocity meter: high precision acoustic Doppler meter.

Hot wire anemometer: for real-time measurement of wind velocity and change

Various types testing instruments and automatic data collection and real-time analysis systems.

Computing and analysis system: composed of HP200C workstations etc.