Deepwater Offshore Basin

The deepwater offshore basin was the first deepwater offshore basin in China, which was jointly invested by National Development and Reform Commission, Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and China National Offshore Oil Corporation, and was put into test run in 2008. Since putting into operation, the deepwater offshore basin has carried out more than ten national key research projects listed in National Natural Scientific Foundation, National Special Key Scientific and Technology Program, National 863 Program and Program of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and has also undertaken many international and domestic engineering cooperative research projects.   

Later, the data collection system, long span towing system and wind generating system of the test basin were transformed, making it more suitable for the experiment and research of continuously developing deepwater ocean equipment. It has attracted the attention of international ocean engineering field by first-rate performance and research capability, enjoying a wide awareness.   

The deepwater offshore basin is composed of a basin body and a deep well and can simulate various types of ocean environments such as wind, waves and currents. It is equipped with wave generation, wave absorption, current generation, wind generation, water depth adjustment and vehicle towing systems as well as various instruments and facilities for ocean engineering experiment and research.

The deepwater offshore basin can reproduce deep sea complex environments such as large range hurricane, three-dimensional irregular wave, various types of extraordinary waves as well as typical deep current with vertical fluid velocity profile; simulate various dynamic characteristics and engineering phenomena of ship and ocean engineering structures in deep sea environments; and measure and analyze the load, motion and structural dynamic response of research objects under deep sea environmental conditions.