Ship Structural Mechanics Laboratory

Under the support of the key projects of national 11th Five Year Program, the Ship Structural Mechanics Laboratory has successfully developed the riser fatigue test device, which can make the riser fatigue tests under the action of applied bending moment, axial force and internal pressure, the fatigue life tests of up to 6m long test pieces of rigid risers under applied bending moment, and also the end rotation fatigue tests of up to 9m long test pieces of flexible risers.  

The laboratory is mainly used to carry out the experiment research of static, dynamic and fatigue fractures of large structures. It is equipped with a modern computer-controlled dynamic loading system and a 9m×15m test platform. The laboratory also has a modern liquid tank oscillation simulation system, with a maximum mass (including water) of 1,500kg.  

The laboratory is also equipped with a riser fatigue test device, whose main functions include: (1) rigid riser fatigue tests under the joint action of four-point bending and axial tension; and (2) realizing end bending moment loading (rotating) to simulate the fatigue of flexible riser top. Its technical parameters include an internal pressure of 30MPa, a maximum tension of 200T and a maximum bending moment of 75TM.