Research Area

Key Mechanics Problems of Ocean Engineering

 There are a large number of international research cutting-edge mechanical challenges and key general mechanical problems of naval architecture and ocean engineering in hydrodynamics, structural mechanics and process mechanics fields. Their research and solution can provide a powerful theoretic and technical support to the development, design and manufacture of naval architectures and ocean structures. The main research contents include: 

● Nonlinear hydrodynamic performance research

● Calculational fluid dynamics and numerical water tank research

● Fluid dynamics research of high speed underwater vehicle

● Nonlinear structural dynamics and fluid-structure coupling

● Forecast and control of structural vibration and noise

ocean engineering technology

Ocean engineering equipment is the key for ocean resource exploitation, which involves huge investments and should exist and operate in severe ocean environments for long time. Therefore, its dynamic performance and key technology must be researched in a systematic and deep-going manner so as to satisfy the requirements for offshore existence safety and operation efficiency. The research in this field plays an important supporting role for China to grasp the key technologies of ocean engineering equipment, especially the core technology of deep-sea oil and gas exploitation platform. The main research contents include:

● New concept equipment for ocean exploitation

● Ocean platform positioning system and sea-floor foundation

● Ocean riser and underwater pipeline system

● Offshore renewable energy exploitation equipment

● Offshore field measurement technology

● Marine measuring technology

Naval Architecture Design Theory and Method

Develop digital intelligent design and manufacture, full life cycle design, modular design, etc., innovate high-tech green ship models, and promote the technical progress of ship industry; break through key technologies such as ship navigation performance, structural protection and stealth. Research and develop new concept ships. Serve China’s shipbuilding industry development and navy construction. The main research contents include: 

● Research and development of green and environment-friendly high-tech ships

● Digital intelligent design and manufacture technology

● Design and key technology of special engineering ships

● Optimization of ship comprehensive performance

● Ship structural safety

● Ship new concepts and stealth technology

Underwater technology and engineering

● Deep-water unmanned submersible

● Essential underwater construction equipment

● New-concept underwater carrier

● Deep-water hydroacoustic detection technology

Deep Sea Exploration and Operation Technology

The exploration and operation for deep sea resources such as petroleum, natural gas, marine organism and sea floor minerals rely on advanced underwater equipment. Remotely operated vehicles (ROV) and autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) for extreme deep-sea observation and sampling and heavy load operation, ocean organism sampling and cultivation facilities as well as deep sea and large underwater laying and repair equipment are all multidisciplinary high-tech integration products. The main research contents include:

● Deep manned submersible

● Underwater large and heavy construction equipment

● New concept underwater vehicle

● Deep sea underwater acoustic detection technology

● Deep sea microorganism sampling and cultivation technology