Laboratory Profile

       The State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering was set up and accepted by the state in 1992, and was officially opened to the public in 1993. Equipped with test facilities including an ocean deepwater test basin, an ocean engineering water basin, a ship model towing tank, a cavitation tunnel, a structural mechanics laboratory, a ship maneuverability laboratory, an underwater engineering basin, etc., the laboratory is a complete test research cluster and a large platform for the scientific research of naval architecture and ocean engineering. The director of its Academic Committee is Prof. Wu Yousheng, a CAE academician, and its director is Prof. Yang Jianmin.
       With 74 permanent staff members including 5 academicians, 9 talents listed in “Thousand Talents Program”, 11 scholars listed in “Changjiang Scholars Program”, 3 winners of National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, 56 professors (researchers), 11 associate professors, 3 lecturers (assistant researchers) and 2 senior engineers, the laboratory is a rationally-structured research entity. It covers two 1st-level key disciplines of “Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering and “Mechanics”, and has doctoral programs and mobile post-doctoral stations.

       In the last couple of years, the laboratory has played an important leading and supportive role in the innovative research in the shipbuilding and marine engineering sector and the development of essential industrial technologies. It has conducted in-depth research on digitalized vessel design, vessel performance, hi-tech new vessel models and the marine engineering structures of various forms and dimensions and the R&D results have been successfully applied in various sectors, including national defense, shipbuilding, marine oil and gas development, etc. It has made considerable achievements in scientific research, human resource development, base construction and other fields and thus major contributions to the development of marine oil and gas resources in China. As such, it enjoys a sound reputation in the international academic and engineering arenas.

       The laboratory is casting its eye on the national thirteenth five-year plan, the cutting-edge international technologies and the major national demands and actively pursues to diversify its research fields and emphasize transdisciplinary researches. As a result, it has made new developments in several disciplines. The laboratory has also conducted considerable basic, strategic and forward-looking scientific researches and provided technological supports to major industrial revitalization programs of China. It has undertaken major national technology R&D programs in national economic development and national defense, including the key research projects of the National 863 Program, the key research subjects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the research subjects of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. In October 2014, the “Collaborative Innovation Center for Advanced Ship and Deep-Sea Exploration”, as developed by the Key National Laboratory of Marine Engineering as the core force, passed the certification conducted by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance. 

       The construction work of its base has been going on solidly and effectively with the support from leaderships of various levels. The oceanic deep-water test basin, the key laboratory of hydrodynamics under the Ministry of Education, the interior wave water tank of shipbuilding and marine engineering and the wind tunnel circulating water tank that have been completed are all working properly. With the strong supports from the Ministry of Education, Shanghai Municipal Government and Shanghai Jiaotong University, the multifunctional vessel model towing tank, cavitation tunnel, hydroacoustic water tank, underwater engineering lab and advanced shipbuilding laboratory have been completed successively and will play a critical role in scientific research and teaching and provide strong technical supports to the development of national economy and national defense.