Multifunctional Ship Model Towing Tank
The multifunctional ship model towing water tank is an important test facility for the research of dynamic performances of ships and various underwater vehicles.

Wind Tunnel-Water Circular Channel
The wind tunnel-circulating water channel is composed of a multifunctional wind tunnel and a stratified water circular channel, which can be in separate use or in combined use to form strong testing c...

Introduction to Laboratories

  The State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering was set up and accepted by the state in 1992, and was officially opened to the public in 1993. Equipped with test facilities including an ocean deepwater test basin, an ocean engineering water basin, a ship model towing tank, a cavitation tunnel, a structural mechanics laboratory, a ship maneuverability laboratory, an underwater engineering basin, etc., the laboratory is a complete test research cluster and a large platform for the scientific research of naval architecture and ocean engineering. The director of its Academic Committee is Prof. ...


Deepwater Offshore Basin

The deepwater offshore basin can reproduce deep sea complex environments such as large range hurricane, three-dimensional irregular wave, various types of extraordinary waves as well as typical deep current with vertical flow velocity profile; simulate various dynamic characteristics and engineering phenomena of ship and ocean engineering structures in deep sea environments; and measure and analyze the load, motion and structural dynamic response of research objects under deep sea environmental conditions.

Ocean Engineering Water Tank
The Ocean Engineering Water Tank can simulate various ocean environment conditions such as wind, wave and current, which is a water tank with comparat...
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