Welcome to participate in numerical simulation calculation of the 2020 Benchmark Test of State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering


Dear Researchers:

Benchmark Test is an important means for optimizing different methods, procedures, and physical models to achieve a better performance standard. In order to promote the overall improvement of the scientific research level of the Theory-Calculation-Test of Ship and Ocean Engineering field, develop and innovate research methods and technologies, the State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering has launched a series of Benchmark Test plans, hoping to promote the continuous improvement of experimental technology and calculation methods by comparing the results of different types of physical experiments and numerical calculations in detail. Sincerely invite interested colleagues to actively participate in the numerical simulation calculation of Benchmark Test of the State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering(SKLOE).


The first Benchmark Test projects carried out in 2020 is :

Project NO.: 202001(Click to project details)

Project Title: Benchmark Research on Square Column Wave Climbing

Project Leader: Professor Xiao Longfei

Contact: xiaolf@sjtu.edu.cn


Welcome researchers from all over the world to participate.


State Key Laboratory of Ocean Engineering

September 3, 2020